Hotel room design ideas for backpackers start with one thing: location. Most travelers want to plunge themselves deeply into local cultures when visiting a new country. The rooms they sleep in play a significant role in this at least during the first few nights they spend there. With local handcrafts and artwork showcased in your hotel rooms, each guest will feel a strong sense of place the minute they enter the room.

If you’re concerned about the look of your hotel room design, don’t be afraid to get creative. A common problem that many businesses have been an awkward mix between modern style furniture pieces and the look of the people sleeping in the beds. Fortunately, if you go with a more down-to-earth look, it won’t take much to create a warm welcome. Consider placing the focus on comfortable furniture, and use accessories like nightstands or coffee tables that match the colors of the walls.

Hotels can also choose to create two separate sleeping areas in their hotel rooms. This allows the guest to have a private bedroom that is off of the main entrance (in some cases this may be preferable if the guest room is on the second floor and has no first floor windows). When you have two separate sleeping areas, choose furniture pieces that are eye-catching and that reflect the personality of the two people who will be sleeping in the rooms. You may want to choose pieces like mirrored beds that will reflect the light from the ceilings in the master bedroom, while coordinating pieces like overstuffed armchairs will sit comfortably among the ottomans in the guest bedroom.

Another great tip for hotel room design is to make sure you choose neutral colors and patterns. Choose colors and patterns that can easily be blended together, without resorting to extremes in color like black and white. Your furniture choices should also be easy to coordinate with pieces in other rooms as well as colors in surrounding rooms. By keeping your overall color scheme simple, you will have fewer headaches when it comes time to rearrange and consolidate the contents of your rooms.

Finally, another element of hotel room design that will ensure your guests enjoy their stay is cleanliness. You need to work on making sure that your housekeeping service is clean, organized and efficient. You can do this by choosing quality hotel room furniture pieces that will allow your housekeeping team to stack and store luggage, and by ensuring that they have the proper tools and equipment to complete their tasks.

These are just a few of the elements you can use in small hotel rooms to make them welcoming. Of course, you do not have to stick to these ideas only; you can incorporate some of your own ideas to create a very pleasant environment. For instance, if you want a particularly calming environment, use light blues and greens for the walls and bedding. If you would prefer a more tropical environment, go for bright yellows and oranges, but do not overdo the use of color!