Image via Flickr by Reading Tom

Finding an incredible beach destination that hasn’t been taken over by the crowds may seem hard sometimes. But all over the world, lesser-known beach towns still manage to keep their charming, untouched atmosphere.

If you’re heading to England, then the sleepy fishing village of Polperro should be your final destination. You could also visit medieval Manarola, part of the Cinque Terre villages in Italy. In case you’re in Rio de Janeiro, run away to Ilha Grande and enjoy tropical coconut beaches. Explore these and more world-class beach towns you haven’t seen.

Polperro, England

Polperro is in the southwest of England, in the county called Cornwall. This region is renowned for its amazing beaches and captivating small fishing villages. The town dates back to the 16th century when it was a notorious port for smuggling contraband such as tobacco and alcohol. Today, travelers can easily get lost in the many narrow lanes and boutique shops of the town.

Cua Van, Vietnam

Cua Van is in Ha Long Bay, in the north of Vietnam. What sets the town apart from others is the fact that it’s a floating village of roughly 700 people. Travelers can visit this village and get an up-close view of the locals’ way of life over the sea. You can meet the many fishermen and see the floating school that kids attend.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

If Rio de Janeiro’s hustle and bustle is not exactly what you were expecting, don’t worry. Ilha Grande (Big Island in Portuguese) is only a few hours away, and it’s a dream destination. Most visitors stay in Abraao, the main village, and spend their days sunbathing, snorkeling, or lazily soaking up the slow pace of life.

Orange Beach, Alabama, United States

Located in southern Alabama, this picturesque small town features white sand beaches and quaint streets, but most importantly, a tranquil atmosphere. It’s the ideal place to take your family. Check out the Orange Beach hotels available directly on the beach so that you don’t have to walk long distances to make your way to the beach.

Manarola, Italy

Travelers looking for a luxurious and charming beach town should consider Manarola. It’s part of Cinque Terre, a group of five Italian towns famous for their white wine, olive oil, and unparalleled architecture. You can bathe in the blue waters by the pier, but visitors are encouraged to explore the many surrounding hiking trails.

Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro’s oldest town, Kotor, is more than 2,000 years old and has kept its charm throughout all these years. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring breathtaking architecture with many stone buildings dating back to medieval times. It’s located in the Bay of Kotor, on the Adriatic Sea, with the impressive Mount Lovcen standing high in the background.

As soon as you move away from the famous destinations around the world, you can find many splendid towns awaiting your visit. Most of the time these places offer a more authentic visitor experience with the added benefit of being less crowded.