Hello, and welcome to Hotels in Town. My name is May Hewitt, and I’ve been working in the hotel and hospitality industry for twenty years. These days I continue to work as a hotel inspector and secret shopper/guest while maintaining this blog as well.

Back when I got my start having a degree was enough to grab an assistant manager position at a medium sized hotel. The industry was something I picked up very fast, thanks to my approach of talking to customers and finding out what they really thought about their stay.

Knowing what the customers wanted, I made suggestions to upper management that brought about great changes, rave reviews and much more business. Needless to say, they started moving me up the ladder pretty quickly.

Along the way I decided to start secret shopping for fun. Who doesn’t love free shopping, right?

Again it was an area of natural talent, so the obvious choice over time was to become a hotel inspector – especially when I saw one on a TV show!

Now with over 8 years of experience as a hotel inspector, I’ve seen all kinds of hotels and know exactly what makes a great one. This time has also given me access to a vast network of hotel inspectors, owners, visitors and other specialists in the industry.

Now I’ve reached a point in life where I want to take a step back from full time work and focus more on my own hobbies. The secret shopping is of course still a passion and will remain that way. Other than that I like to try and make a trip of it when I do a hotel inspecting job, and also do some mystery guest inspections.

The things I learn doing this are what I want to share with you, along with the pool of knowledge available through the network that’s been built over the last twenty years. Along the way I hope to share some great experiences with all of you, and fulfil a few of my own desires.

There will also be some great tips on finding the very best places to stay. Whatever your tastes are, I would love to show you what’s out there, so shout out and let me know if there are any requests.

Tips will extend to finding great deals as well, and the reviews available here freely for you could save you from a nightmare stay in the future. Who knows, they may even direct you to the holiday of your life!

Great hotels deserve recognition, just as visitors deserve to get the best. Low-grade hotels  give our industry a bad name, taking cash from innocent guests and delivering little in return. This isn’t the way things are supposed to be, and my blog is here to make sure you are never the victim of a bad stay again.

So let your friends know about this place too, after all, we can all benefit from a good hotel stay at some point.