One of the great advantages of being in the hotel industry is that we probably have the largest selection of apps compared to any other business. Also, the apps are so detailed that you can get all the information you require such as reviews, room sizes, facilities, and even tours that are available courtesy of the hotel you’re staying at. There is no doubting the popularity of apps like and These particular websites have been around for ages even well before apps were so popular.

If you’re running a hotel or any sort of accommodation, it’s advisable to visit some UK developers and get them to personalise an app for your business. The idea of doing that is to isolate you from the major hotel booking companies and to provide a more individual application, particularly for guests who have stayed at your hotel before. In my job as a hotel inspector and a secret shopper, I just about depend on apps daily, especially when there are hotel reviews I need to check out. With regards to the shops, major supermarkets that advertise specials for particular products are verified by me to make sure that the products are displayed correctly and in a prominent place.

I use a number of apps to do my reporting and my devices are a safe place on which to store information. There are not many apps that are currently on the market that suit my specific requirements so I have always thought of checking out an app company website and seeing just how much it might cost to get them to develop my own app for my business. When I look at the things that I do and how to report them, it would make my life a lot easier if I had a special application into which to download my results.

As a suggestion for those of you out there that are considering creating your own app to advertise your business, click over here now and you might be pleasantly surprised at how it’s done, what it costs, and just how quickly it can be created. You know, there must be thousands of apps out there now, and I’m not just talking about games, I mean useful apps that have been created for daily use in a myriad of occupations. I have found many of them to be really helpful. However, I don’t think it would be all that hard to take an existing app that is close to what you need, and then make some adjustments and changes so that it fulfils your exact requirements. The best and the only way to find out is to visit an app developer and ask the question. They would be only too happy to give you some good advice and point you in the right direction. While a personalised app won’t make you a millionaire, or rich, it can certainly help your business.