Located just a leisurely half hour drive north of Bath, the Castle Combe Circuit is the top place in the West Country for motorsports. If you fancy mixing up your trip to the ancient Roman city with a day enjoying high-octane racing action, make sure you check it out.

The circuit is based around the perimeter track of a former World War II airfield, and was first opened for racing in 1950. Since then, it has become a motorsport mecca for driving enthusiasts throughout the UK, and has even been used for numerous motoring TV shows. The Top Gear team took to Castle Combe for their ’70’s Supercar challenge. Even Clarkson was impressed: “It’s a fierce track, one of the fastest in Britain.”

If you’d like to experience one of the fastest and fiercest tracks in Britain for yourself, try to make your trip to Bath coincide with one of the circuit’s Track Days. As long as your car has four wheels and a valid MOT, you’ll be able to thunder it around the thrilling 1.85-mile track. You’ll get a full day to do so, plus free tuition from ARDS registered instructors. Bike Track Days are also a regular occurrence to cater to those who feel more comfortable with two wheels beneath them.

Other events include:

  • Racing: Fill the stands for full races, including the Castle Combe Championships, Motorcycle Grand National, and HSCC 50th Anniversary weekend race meetings.
  • Autumn Classic: Brings racing, iconic displays of antique vehicles, and crowds of petrolheads to Combe Castle each year.
  • Racing School Experiences: Slip inside of real racing cars and then partake in a white-knuckle ride around a real race circuit. When you’re done, you’ll be provided with a full driving analysis. Before you get going, you’ll be offered detailed instruction to make sure you get the most from your experience.

The Combe Castle Circuit really is a must for anyone planning on visiting Bath who has even a passing interest in motorsports, and it’s a perfect day out for all the family.