If you are travelling with your canine friend, there are multiple factors that you should think about for an ideal trip. One of the most important factors to consider for dog friendly UK holidays is the accommodation. This aspect of the trip can determine your level of enjoyment, the dog’s comfort and the general success of your holiday. Therefore, you should be diligent when planning for your journey and stay. Here are some simple accommodation tips to help you have perfect, pet friendly holidays.#

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Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

You should look for a good pet-friendly hotel as early as possible in the region that you plan to visit. In ideal circumstances, you should ask your close family and friends for recommendations. However, since this is not always a feasible plan, you should visit a speciality travel site and check out your options. You should ensure that your preferred hotel has a good reputation and good reviews from other guests. It should also be secure, clean and generally suitable for you and your dog.

Make a Detailed Reservation

Once you’ve found your perfect dog friendly hotel, make sure you make your needs clear when you make the reservation. Ensure the hotel are aware you are bringing a pet and any specific requirements you/your dog will need while you’re staying there. Also, ask for full details on their pet policy and any rules/regulations they may already have in place.

Some hotels might impose significant limits on the number of dogs or even size of dogs that can stay in their establishment. In addition, there might be some charges if the pet’s accommodation fee is not included in the base hotel rate. Enquire about this because some spots charge a daily fee while others charge a flat fee for the entire holiday.

Select a Suitable Room

You should think about your dog when choosing a room in your selected hotel during your pet friendly UK holidays. Your goal should be finding a space whether the dog will be comfortable and peaceful. If the room is uncomfortable, the canine will bark or whine continuously. It is advisable to choose a room on the ground floor. This will eliminate the need for the dog to go upstairs or to withstand the discomfort of a lift. Also, the trip will be shorter when you need to walk the dog. You should also make certain that the door is not close to a busy entryway or a lift.

Plan for Your Dog’s Space

You should plan to create a comfortable space for your dog in the hotel. This will make your pet less nervous about the new surroundings. When packing for dog friendly UK holidays, remember to carry a familiar blanket and a favourite toy. Additionally, you should have a crate if you plan to leave the dog in the room at any point.