Vaping: is the use of cigarettes in a technological way. These are the electronic cigarettes commonly known as the E-Cigarettes. These cigarettes are battery operated and they allow you to inhale or exhale in nicotine or any other drug as vapors rather than smoke. The smoke produced through vaping is denser than the regular cigarettes smoke. Vaping is also considered less harmful than smoking but having said that, it does not mean vaping is good.

Spain: Spain is one of the countries that fall in Europe. It happens to be one of the safest countries in the European section. This is because the crime rate in Spain is very low and whatever the crime is it is not as big and troublesome like many other. The Spanish government is very much concerned about the health and safety of their people and therefore they put in a lot of effort to make sure things are in proper regulation.

Vaping in Spain: Vaping in Spain is permitted but along with some limitations. The Spanish laws on vaping are a lot similar to those of the United Kingdom. Vaping in Spain is allowed in all those areas where you can smoke without an issue. But now in Spain, there is a total ban on smoking even in the bars or restaurants or even the workplaces are a No Smoking zone.

Laws on Vaping in Spain: Although vaping is legal in Spain but you cannot do vaping in areas where the smoking is prohibited. Several vaping agencies that are anti-smoking agencies too wrote a number of letters to the Health Ministry in Spain to encourage people to use e-cigs instead of smoking as it would be less harmful because although smoking is illegal people do not stop. The legalization of Vaping or E-Cigarettes was also done to promote people to quit smoking. However, vaping law in Spain is much strict as compared to any other country. The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) of Spain is therefore well aware of the people who vape across Spain.

Sale on Vaping Products in Spain: People under the age of 18 are not given the access to buy cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Vaping products are sold to adults. In order to maintain a distance within the 18 year old and vaping product the online sale of these products are also banned in Spain. There are only a few stores in Spain that sale the vaping products or else they would be available to some people from some people in the black markets of Spain.  These products could be vape pens or even vape eliquid.

Regulation on Vaping in Spain: As the government of Spain is concerned it is regulating laws in order to maintain a keen check on the regulations on vaping. The sale of vaping liquid product or e-cigarettes is minimized. Only 2ml minimum and 10ml maximum liquid is sold for the e-cigarettes to one person in Spain. This regulation has been made compulsory for the people and is present there in the law since June 11, 2017.