The growing interest in Indonesia’s marine life is more than justified, with this majestic oceanic underworld very quickly catching on as a previously well-kept secret.

While it’ll probably only take a couple of minutes, into any marine life exploration expedition, for the keen mind to start thinking about yacht prices in the area, once the full majesty of Indonesian marine life has revealed itself, that visit to the boat trader will definitely come as more of an inevitability than anything else.

Inevitably, it is the oceanic underworld which holds the most aesthetic appeal, with scuba divers and explorers greeted with a constant high definition view of a diverse spectrum of colours. Indonesian waters are teeming with all sorts of weird and wonderful sea creatures to complement the equally impressive and diverse oceanic plant-life, making the exploration thereof the ultimate in Indonesian holiday-makers’ activities.

As with just about any Indonesian holiday activity however, tagging along a paid boat-ride, specifically targeting activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling or a guided tour of the carnivorous-looking, flower-like sea sponges, always has local and international tourists yearning for more. You might personally want to spend more time admiring the sea sponges, to see if they are indeed carnivorous, while the offered boat tour moves swiftly along to accommodate everybody on board.

With instances such as these in mind, that casual yacht price curiosity justifiably turns into an urgent need to at least liaise with a boat trader, if only to throw out some feelers as to the viability of possibly purchasing a boat.

International boat owners are aplenty too, forming boat clubs that overlook the maintenance of their boats while they are back home and there is also the possibility of listing one’s boat to be made available as part of a boat chartering fleet, making for a great investment which doubles up as an Indonesian coastal holiday toy.

It makes for somewhat of a controversial twist, but the diverse wildlife of Indonesia can also be viewed in one of several zoos, with the marine life equivalent being that of aquariums, of course. Checking some of the marine life housed in an aquarium is infinitely more “humane” than what a zoo would typically be, also giving you the chance to spot some of the wildlife you’d otherwise require some great fortune to spot on something like a boating trip. Spare a thought for those of us who don’t have scuba diving licences, although even the best of aquariums can never offer anything close to something like a scuba diving excursion to spot some marine life.

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You will otherwise definitely need a supplementary “hobby” with which to fill the gaps between all the marine life exploration.