My Best Hotel?

If somebody asked me what was the best hotel I had ever stayed in, it would be almost impossible to answer that question. I would need to go through all my holiday snaps and then all my online hotel bookings and then try to remember things about my stay at a particular hotel. In the end, I would probably come up with the answer.

If I was going to go to that stage of reminiscing all the wonderful holidays and the places I stayed, then I might as well build a list of the top stays in each country. My memory is only as good as my last holiday. Haha! Seriously, though, if we looked at London, not the whole UK, then just how many great hotels are there to choose from? Also, if you looked at my criteria for rating a hotel, then quite a few would not get on my possibility list anyway.

The Hotel Stats

Take a look at the enormity of the task. In London alone, there are 1515 hotels you can stay in. 5-star hotels number 105, 4-star hotels there are 542, 3-star hotels come in at 402. 170 hotels rate 1 and 2-star and strangely enough, 295 hotels have no rating. I wonder why that is? I could never afford to stay at a 5-star London hotel at £400 – £500 a night. A Lotto win would change my mind! Even a 3-star joint costs around £100 and I would never spend that much to just sleep somewhere. I’m a bit of a Spartan traveller I guess. gets a special mention because of the very different types of holidays they offer. Sticking to the UK, because they have places overseas as well, you can hire a campervan in the Coppice Woodland in Hertfordshire. What about a chicken shed cabin in Monmouthshire? It sleeps 8 who can share the £175 a night between them. Looks awesome! is located on the Isle of Wight and is as stated on the website – a farm. You can do some farm work or relax at a yoga retreat or go fishing. £295 a week in low season is a steal. is located in Hampshire and has an award winning restaurant and chef to help you pass the time in between relaxing in the countryside. Doubles are £130 a night B&B. is the place to stay in London if you have the money because it will set you back £500 – £900 a night. Located next door to Buckingham Palace you can tell friends you’re the queen’s neighbour. The hotel is rated 5-star and is the epitome of luxury and top service.

Harrogate gets on the list – This beautiful Northern Spa town is perfect for a weekend break. The Yorkshire Dales are next door and the town centre has a lot of great bars and restaurants to explore in the evening. The accommodation isn’t exactly a hotel but these buildings are just too good not to have on the list. These serviced apartments, central to Harrogate are Victorian made, giving them a gothic outer look, coupled with a very homely and modern interior. Familes, large groups and pets are all welcome and prices range from £95 per night to £340, they can cover all bases and do it in style!

There is a holiday somewhere in the UK that will suit the budget and your taste. You just have to spend a bit of time hunting around for it. Check the reviews and make a booking. There is nothing as exciting as making a holiday booking, even one in your own country!