It always pays to spend plenty of time thinking about where you’ll be staying when you take a trip away, but you need to devote even more time to finding the perfect spot when you’re bringing your dog along with you. For most dog owners, the thought of leaving their dog with a friend or at a boarding kennel will turn any holiday a little sour. To make sure that doesn’t happen, they need to arrange a hotel or serviced apartment.

Here are just a few reasons why serviced apartments are better for dog owners.

Better Location for Walks

Hotels tend to be either in very built-up parts of the city or on the outskirts. Main roads are common, and you probably won’t be near any green spaces unless you pay top dollar. In contrast, most serviced apartments are positioned right next to the most walkable parts of a town or city. When you need to take your dog out for their morning or evening stroll, you’ll find yourself enjoying it more from a serviced apartment.

More Relaxing for Your Dog

People often fail to consider how their dog will feel about staying somewhere new. It’s understandable – dogs are usually happy as long as they are with their human pack. However, even the most confident dog can get a little uncomfortable if they find themselves in an entirely new place, and hotels are particularly stressful because they are full of unknown people and unknown smells. Serviced apartments are also new, but your dog won’t be subject to lots of scary crowds, sounds, and smells.

More Room to Stay In

If you’re going to bring your dog on holiday, you’re going to be spending more time in your room. After all, it isn’t fair to leave the dog alone while you go out at night to explore the local bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, most hotel rooms only contain a couple of double beds and a TV. There will be no space for the dog to run around, and there won’t be much room to socialize as a family when you need to stay back to provide company. Serviced apartments provide all the space you need.