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The 20 best autumn escapes in Europe

From cider tasting in Normandy to truffle fairs in Italy and painting breaks on Gozo, Annabelle Thorpe has the lowdown

20 cool hotels in New York

Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn Housed in a red-brick former barrel factory built in 1901, the Wythe is easy to spot, with its big red neon sign on the exterior….

Want to build a hotel? Be my guest

With rising tourist numbers and limited development of new hotels over the past few years, the capital’s hotel occupancy rates are soaring.

Ten great new hotels in Miami

Miami is all about pleasure — and nowhere in America does hotels better. When you hit Miami’s sweet spot, that blend of hedonism and ocean air becomes America’s…

The 20 coolest hotels in Ireland

1. Culloden Estate & Spa, Holywood, Belfast Once used as a palace for Church of Ireland bishops, this high-end hotel with views over Belfast Loughis surrounded by 12…

Scenic Views: Why Traveling Around the World Is So Addicting

There’s not much that beats the thrill of traveling to somewhere completely new, where every experience differs so much from the daily routine. We spend so much of…

20 chic hotels in the mountains

From a luxurious hotel that will feature in the new James Bond film to a boutique resort built on a Greek mountainside

Amalfi Coast holiday

I really lоvе thе Amаlfі Coast. It’ѕ very bеаutіful, a рlасе of rоmаnсе and еnjоуmеnt. I think thе coastal tоwn that people are most familiar with is Pоѕіtаnо,…

Tea drinkers angry as price of a hotel cuppa runneth over

A STORM is brewing over tea prices in Irish hotels after a Sunday Times survey found a simple cuppa costs €6.50 in some establishments.

Hot hotels 2016

London The first European outpost for Gansevoort, the New York hotel company known for its A-list rooftop playgrounds, arrives in the autumn. The Curtain hotel will be in…