Of all the different types of travellers in existence, pet-lovers are probably the most discerning. This is perhaps the one group of travellers whose needs are most specialised to the finest details, whether or not you’d be arriving with your pet at your next destination.

Rome would be no different as a destination, which you’d want to offer a variety of accommodation options that are specialised for guests with pets, if you are indeed travelling with your pet(s) in tow.

As far as it goes with pet-friendly hotels in the Eternal City, there are quite a few options available to you, whether your love for the pet you left behind will have you wanting to interact with pet owners who might have brought their pets along, or indeed if your pet is travelling with you.

So quite a few neighbourhoods are available as lodging options for pet-loving travellers, including Pantheon, Via Veneto, Rione Monti, and there’s at least one option we particularly know about in downtown Rome. That’s definitely not all though, with options pouring over into and actually becoming more plentiful in the likes of Aventino.

You’ll also find popular options in Repubblica, Colosseum, and Spagna.

Two specific options come into focus in Pantheon, Almait and the rather intriguingly named Talent Hotel (The Talent Hotel).  Pets are allowed at both these properties, but as you will probably already know, associated fees for their accommodation may apply, so you’ll have to contact the properties prior to making your way over to find out exactly what’s what…

Visitors to this part of the city particularly love the recreation of a more domestic atmosphere, with residents of the neighbourhood going about their daily business of walking their dogs and such, despite the fact that you’d actually still be visiting a pure tourist destination in Rome.

You might have your furry friend in tow, but you’ll probably still be up for some regular ‘human fun,’ so the likes of The Talent Hotel has a resident bar for guests to enjoy, a shared lounge, and is nearby popular Roman attractions such as Vittoriano, Trevi Fountain, etc.

In Spagna one of the pet-friendly hotels that come to mind is the Infinity Hotel, which unlike some other pet-friendly options levies no extra charges. As suggested, you wouldn’t necessarily have to be bringing your own pet(s) along to harbour a preference for pet-friendly hotels, because as a pet lover you might just like to enjoy the atmosphere created by some other guests who have their pets in tow… It’s a lot like enjoying the opportunity to play with other people’s babies and then give them back when all the responsibilities of raising them kick-in!

Look, some hotels in and around Rome that are great for pet-lovers don’t readily advertise their pet-friendliness, but when you inquire you find that they are indeed pet-friendly. So it won’t hurt to get in touch to ask. Inquire and you might just find more on this website, making up the list of those hotels which rather chose to highlight some of their other amenities.