Most people only think of booking one or maybe two longer holidays each year – that usually means a week or two lying on a beach somewhere. However, you might also want to think about changing things up by booking several city breaks instead of one longer holiday, and here are just a few reasons why. 

You Can Get More Time Away 

Booking lots of quick city breaks instead of one longer holiday can mean getting more time away since you won’t need to take as much time off from work. When you book a longer holiday, most of your time off will be Monday through Friday. When you book a city break, you can structure things around weekends, perhaps only taking the Monday or Friday off. 

Spread Your Fun Throughout the Year

Having a big holiday to look forward to can be great, but you’ll find it hard to hold on when the trip is still several months away. By sprinkling your city breaks throughout the year, you’ll find there’s always something just on the horizon to look forward to. You could even end up taking a holiday every month instead of every year. 

Make the Most of Your Time 

Spending two weeks in one location means you often run out of things to do. When you take lots of city breaks, you have the opportunity to take in lots of different places and make the most of your time. You could be checking out Bristol Cathedral one month and then find yourself strolling down a street in Barcelona the next. 

Avoid the Holiday Comedown 

One of the worst things about longer holidays is that you get out of the swing of things, so you’ll often feel worse getting back into your daily life than you did before you left. By booking smaller breaks, you don’t lose your everyday rhythm or suffer the same post-holiday blues.